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We Believe: In one God, revealed in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That God is the Creator of all, and Ruler of all. In the absolute inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures. In Jesus Christ, that Jesus is God, sinless, and was conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of the virgin Mary. That Man was created in the image of God. In Redemption, that Man was created good and upright, but by voluntary transgression he fell; his only hope of redemption is in Jesus Christ. In Justification, as the free gift of grace by God, received through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior alone. In Sanctification, that is the ongoing process of yielding to God’s Word and His Spirit in order to be pure and holy in us. That all true believers are The Church. All those, anywhere, who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and are truly born again, are the one true Church. That Jesus Christ was physically resurrected from the dead in a glorified body three days after His death on the cross. That Jesus is coming again (His second coming), the rapture (His taking us up to be with Him) will take place after the tribulation (post-tribulation). That life begins at conception (fertilization) and we reject all forms of abortion which is murder. That evolution is a satanic lie. In a literal six-day, 24 hour, creation account.

The Full Statement (3 Min. Read)

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